Month: May 2012

  • The Choice between a Hard Landing and a Crash

    by Nikos Chrysoloras* Many would argue that the phrase “they all got what they deserved” could serve as a stand-alone snap analysis, on the inconclusive result of May 6th’s elections in Greece. The centre-right Nea Democratia (ND) and the centre-left PASOK – the two parties which have dominated Greece’s political landscape since the restoration of […]

  • Japanese Views on the Euro – or Whether the Plane will Eventually Fly

    by Daniela Schwarzer During a recent symposium on global governance held in Tokyo, a Japanese moderator said: “Flights and reforms have something in common, both in Japan and in Europe. First, a delay is announced, because no one dares to say the truth. Later, it turns out that the flight has been cancelled.” I found […]

  • Greece: the Euro’s Democracy-Compatibility Test

    by Ferdi De Ville The election of Francois Hollande as the new French president did not come as a surprise to anyone. It had – as I argued in a previous blog – been anticipated in advance in EU circles. This led to a reorientation of the crisis discourse in the EU towards growth and […]