Month: October 2012

  • How Euro Area Trade with the Rest of the World Contributed to the Euro Crisis

    by Ferdi De Ville Right at the time that the euro crisis had begun (to the relief of decision makers) to retreat from the front pages of newspapers, in Belgium the Ford Genk tragedy happened. The decision of the Ford Europe board to close the plant in the Flemish province of Limburg, making 10.000 workers […]

  • Greek Days Have Started

    by Carsten Brzeski With three meetings in less than two weeks, eurozone finance ministers hope to finally strike a deal on giving Greece more time for its adjustment. The decisive phase for Greece has started. Yesterday, Eurogroup president Juncker announced an unscheduled meeting of eurozone finance ministers on 8 November. With the scheduled conference call […]

  • ‘For Europe’ – Finally Some Visions

    by Ferdi De Ville Since the outbreak of the euro crisis, many observers, including yours truly, have lamented the lack of vision in the way European leaders have dealt with the eurozone’s problems. While their strategy of muddling through has until now succeeded in preventing the break-up of the euro area, many opinion makers argue […]